For Large Scale Game Developers

By Large Scale Games we mean games played on consoles and computers, including everything from online MMOs to single player FPS games. Development typically takes a large team and the schedule is usually measured in years rather than months or weeks.

These are the kinds of games dSonic grew up on and we have a great deal of experience in both the technical and creative requirements of these sorts of games


How we work with you

For big projects, it often makes sense to get set up with access to your build, via your source control system. We can work with whatever tools are being used to develop the game, including tools such as Unreal Engine, Unity, Wwise, FMOD and/or proprietary systems built for the game, which we are adept at learning.

This process enhances the audio quality because our sound design workflow then includes setting up parameters for playback of sounds and hearing for ourselves how the sounds are working in-game. We can therefore work in a feedback loop of testing and adjusting, to get it just right.

It also saves time. You are able to hear what we have done as an integrated part of the game, saving time on the implementation, and time for the extra cycles that might have been needed for feedback & revision.

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