Casual Games & Clients

Zynga ::

Sound FX for Farmville
WINNER of Best New Social/Online Game at 2010 Game Developers Choice Awards

United Developers (Mumbo Jumbo) ::

Many downloadable titles including the best selling Luxor series, Chainz 2, Madcaps and more.



Luxor- Sound FX




Luxor Amun Rising- Sound FX

Motion Math ::

Hungry Fish – Music and sound FX



Wings – Music and sound FX



Spyra Games ::

Global Attack – Music and Sound FX



Cardboard Box Games ::

Idonia- Sound FX


Chillingo ::

Gumdrop- Sound FX


Floodgate Entertainment ::

Music and sound FX for numerous handheld & cellphone titles including Pirates of the Carribean, Age of Empires, Neverwinter Nights, Madden NFL 2006, and many others.

Barking Lizard ::

Recreation of licensed Music tracks for the handheld/cellphone games of the Bratz IP

Centerscore ::

Music and sound FX for numerous cellphone games including CS Soccer, Billy Bob’s Logjam, Siege and more

Qualcomm Inc. ::

Sound technology test for their new cellphone sound chips

Leapfrog ::

Music and sound FX for various Leappad products

Big BOING ::

Sound Fx for their magic unicorn toy.

Motorola ::

Various ringtones

PoBros ::

All music and sound FX for MayaWaka

Disney Online ::

Music and sound FX for Pirates of the Carribean (Handheld platforms)




…and many more we haven’t had time to list!

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