dSonic has been providing audio for games since 2000. We’ve worked on over 100 titles from hit AAA console games by major publishers to mobile and social games made by indie developers.


dSonic Services

  • Sound FX
  • Voice-over casting, recording, & directing
  • Voice processing and editing
  • Music composition
  • In-game audio implementation
  • Audio engine design consultation

If you’re an indie developer you might be interested in our licensing option for mobile & social games



Simon Amarasignham – Co-Founder

Simon Amarasingham is a game industry composer/sound designer, professional keyboardist and co-founder of dSonic, Inc. He began studying piano in New Zealand at the age of 6, and at 18 moved to Australia where he performed in rock bands and composed music for everything from film, to cellular phones, to console games. In 1996, Simon relocated to the U. S. where he worked as an audio engineer at a software company that was developing a hard disk recording system; composed music for corporate video & events; produced Rock and R&B artists; and provided music and sound design for many game titles including: Bethesda’s Elderscrolls IV: Oblivion, Ubisoft’s Dark Messiah of Might & Magic and Microsoft’s Zoo Tycoon II.
Simon decided to begin working exclusively within the game industry in 2000 after coming to the conclusion that it was, in his opinion, the most interesting and challenging medium in the entertainment industry. Simon and brother, Kemal Amarasingham – a game industry veteran – formed Sonic, Inc. with a focus on working with developers to implement adaptive music into game engines – music that gives game players the sense that the music is reacting to their actions.
Simon has written articles on music composition and sound design for EQ and Game Developer magazines, and has taught Composition and Technology in a Fine Arts Summer Camp in Sitka, Alaska. He gives demonstrations on adaptive audio at various educational venues and game industry-related conferences around the U.S., and resides in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Kemal Amarasingham – Co-Founder

Kemal Amarasingham is a game industry composer/sound designer, accomplished violinist & co-founder of dSonic, Inc. He began studying violin in New Zealand at the age of 5, and relocated to the United States in 1991 to study at the New England Conservatory of music, and to continue playing in professional orchestras.
Kemal got his start in the game industry when he joined Looking Glass Studios’ Audio Visual department in Boston, Massachusetts in 1994. While there, he worked on such titles as the Thief series and System Shock 2 which resulted in him receiving many awards for his audio work – including a PC Gamer annual “Best of” award, a Gamespot “Best Sound of the Year” award and many others.
After working on over 50 titles and spending multiple hours playing computer games, Kemal formed dSonic – an audio production company that works exclusively within the game industry – with brother, Simon Amarasingham. Kemal & Simon decided to form dSonic in 2000 knowing that the implementation of the music and sound effects into game engines was just as important as the actual creation of them. To this end, the brothers decided that it was essential to get more involved with assisting developers during the audio implementation process, with the goal of producing the most exciting aural experience for gamers.
As well as working for dSonic, Kemal teaches Sound Design and Composition at Northeastern University in MA and gives demonstrations on adaptive audio at various educational venues and game industry-related conferences. He is an avid gamer and his all-time favorite titles include: Out of This World, Hard Hat Mack, Outcast and a few others he’ll tell you about if you ask nicely.

John Ferrick – Advisor

John Ferrick has been actively involved in the merging of computer and multimedia technology long before “multimedia” became a buzzword.
A high school student in 1965, he was chosen to participate in an experimental IBM program to teach kids programming. The experience was not lost on John as he started a sound reinforcement business, based on his new knowledge. A forerunner of the Sabine Feedback Elimination System, his company provided the concert PA for Carly Simon, Seals and Crofts, Livingston/James Taylor, Yes, Fleetwood Mac, and many of the other major artists at the time.
He then put his attention to networking, developing the first Distributed Intelligence Network Management system at Paradyne. As a Director of Strategic Marketing and Sales at National Semiconductor, helped develop the Ethernet chipset marketplace with Novell. As a Group VP Systems and Service at Novell, was responsible for the American Airlines Network, the CNE program, and the NBC Olympic network coverage.
He founded Network Computing in 1990, an intelligent agent networking company, which he sold to Seagate in 1995. Has been a venture capitalist for the last 5 years, specializing in the merging of computer and media communications.

Alejandro Levins – Advisor

Alejandro Levins is a serial entrepreneur who has started and run in the neighborhood of 10 businesses of his own and who has been involved in dozens of others. Of particular note is SF Interactive, a premier digital marketing agency in San Francisco that grew from 3 people in 1997 to 170 in three states in 2000. During the five years that he grew and ran SFI, he held titles of CFO, CTO and COO and was involved in virtually every aspect of the business from developing internet marketing strategies and designing web applications to conducting merger and acquisition discussions with prospective investors, acquirers and merger partners.

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